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So I'm a student in college and haven't had a boyfriend in a long time. There is this perfect guy in one of my classes and I really want him to know I'm interested without sounding like I want him. Iv never approached a guy before because I'm used to guys always coming up to me. He's really attractive as well so I know he gets a lot of attention How do I separate myself from the other girls that want his attention???!
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Make small talk. If you notice he's in class early, try to get there early as well and strike up a conversation. Find out what his major is and what other classes he's taking. It doesn't have to just be in class. If you ever notice him around campus just chilling, make your way over. If he gets a lot of attention, then he's knowledgeable on how dating works. It'll then be on him if he's interested in getting to know you or not.
Yes, like what @ThePervySage said...make small talk! And if you can work up the courage, maybe you can casually ask him if he would like to study with you on campus sometime.
ask him for help on assignments , small talk is great , get to know him better