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I love GD wearing suit!! Oh CL... is so gorgeous!!!
With crop pants
And a little bit of Kpop accessories, the cap, sunglasses.
And the ring...
I mean really look at that ring he has on... (I wasn't looking at his thigh or anything)
@KwonOfAKind Yes... let's ask @helixx for advice... she will know what to do
I'd never bomb you with notifications. ...I'm very good ~(^.^)~ Who ever this creepy is that's bombing you with notifications. ....I'm gonna get them actually I think @Helixx is pretty good at handle these sort of situations (^___^)
@KwonOfAKind since ...I got Creeper watching me... let's welcome @helixx to join the club of notifications Hell...
@KwonOfAKind R u bombing me with notifications.... or is just some Creeper that has the same account as u..!??
@lovetop ....I'm stalki- *cough* I mean researching your profile and I see this..... How could you not tag me you know I like JIYONG LEGS!!! .....I mean his fashion I love his fashion ....autocorrects is really crazy these days
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