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As you know from some of the previews concert posts, I said that I was going to the Chicago concert..... and let me just say, it was AMAZING!!!! The interviews, the dramas, and they're tv shows doesn't give them justice with how amazingly handsome and perfect they looked. Also, Suho's english was....... ugghh dhdufjficjdjjffokdjk, so perfect . I literally died just from him speaking so well. The comments they made about what they liked about Chicago, with Chen visiting the sports Store with him being a fan of the Chicago Bulls, and Suho trying the deep dish pizza. Then there's Baekhyun describing how windy it was, just the facial expressions he did to describe it was too funny Plus there's also the fact that I know that one of the people in the pit had their lives just made. He was sooooooooo tall, that he was able to reach other the people in front of him and shake Chanyeol's, Suho's, and Kai's hand. I think Chanyeol really enjoyed the guys enthusiasm because throughout the end of the show he keep pointing at him and waving, and then he ran out waved to him once more, and ran back in before the EXO ' lution sign thing closed.
This is the nail design that I did a few days before leaving for the concert. I think I did a pretty good job.
Just what you see here wasn't even close to how many people was at the concert. Like it the line to get inside was wrapped around the building and into the parking lot behind the building.
Here's a couple pictures, but they aren't really clear. From the camera view it doesn't look like it, but from where my friend and I was sitting we were pretty close.
cr. owner These last ones were amazing. My friend who uses Tumblr showed me these so I decided to show you guys.
Well, that's it for now. Until I think of other stuff to add on here, but other then that, I had a really awesome time. First kpop concert, absolutely won't be my last, and it was really fun. I got to meet some fellow EXO-L that were there, especially @AbbyRamey she was awesome to be around. We all had fun talking and getting to know each other a bit, and talked about other kpop groups that we enjoyed listening to and how we got into kpop. I met some others but I was sad when I realized that I didn't get any way to contact them so we could still talk about the things we liked I had a really fun time. I know my nephews are going to be all over me trying to get the details of the concert out of me. They were jealous when they found out I was going to the concert, but if I ever do get kpop concert tickets in the future, it'll be VIXX tickets because that's the group that they love listening to.
Anyone else went to the concert? Please tell me, I would like to read your experience from it.
plus the guys were so impressed with our enthusiasm and behavior. compared,to,the last 2 exo shows** I don't think they will be able to forget their time here or this show
I went as well! I was apart of the flash mob and dance group going on in the front. the experience was amazing. I was in one of the front sections and the distance was amazing. the guys are the dorkiest people ever. like with the derp face posters at the end! and even baekhyuns windy city face. it was an amazing experience seeing as I drove 13 hours from Georgia to,see them here,in Chicago! everyone was so nice and I was able to meet and be friends with so many people! Exo-Is are just amazing.
that was when they opened the south side doors. i was part of the running!
wish i could've met up with u!!!! we were so close together in seating, too. sections right next store to each other! but it was an AWESOME concert. I still can't hear very well.
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