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over thinking comes obviously with all of us . And it is always said by guys that girls thinks a lot and speak a lot .They are just like loud speaker which never stop . But guys here are the 12 list that evey girl thinks in a relationship but never disclose . :-) 1. Your clothes are crappy. 2. I cannot stand your mom (and sister). 3. You are not THAT funny. 4. You need to get a pedicure. 5. Sometimes you are boring. 6. I've had better (in bed) 7. It would be good if you just left me alone at times. 8. Your choice is not that great. Get me a gift card instead. 9. Your cooking sucks. 10. Your pick up lines are quite terrible. 11. Your friends are really hot. 12. I fake it (many times). Girls rocks !!!! #bit mischievous # bit crazy #loving #flirty #sexy #naughtiness #caring Girls :-*
I'm sure guys think most of those too.
k let girls too know wat guys used to think apart from these more @anonymousbean