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Well I stumble upon this question because the other day there was a person who said they don't like mainstream anime. Yes they had their reasons not to like it but I want to know from you.
So comment below what you think.
as long as I'm enjoying myself watching the anime I don't care
Stories are stories, anime is anime. Mainstream or not, I'll watch it if it piques my interest.
I can't think of what's not to like about "mainstream" anime sometimes it's THE reason people get into anime, for simple reasons I can think of is the longevity of the said "mainstream" even if shortened it's strongly possible to get another season DBZ, Digimon, Attack on Titan and Ouran Host Club are prime examples of this. I would never look down at someone for have only watched "mainstream" anime as they may be comfortable in their area and who am I to judge them for not watching Katanagatri, Asu no Yoichi, or Devil is A Part timer. If you feel like watching Naruto Shippuden or One Piece then running to me to talk about it by all means dude/dudet I will open that door of conversation cuz we all should love our brethren we are all one under anime :D
To me it does not matter aslong as its a good anime I'll watch it.
mainstream is fine but if you only watch mainstream don't try and hold a conversation with a real otaku
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