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My hobbies are strange... So don't laugh! Lol

I like to collect Pens! Yes nice pens!

I use to be a stamp collector big time

I love collecting socks it's just a thing I do

Playing Video Games is a big part of my life also! Along with TV binging sometimes.

I love collecting random comic book themed shirts

I love to cook! Those are New York Strips in the pan . So anyone who dates me, does not go hungry lol.

I love Marvel! And of course Deadpool who is apart of Marvel lol but I find him to be my spirit character. I'm a royal pain in the ass. And my family and friends say I laugh like a villain and I also have that evil grin too. So if my mom can tell me it also, I know it's true lol. Side note, I told her I'm an evil Empress that rules hell and it's fun to walk around you mortals. She was done and was laughing on controllablely. I stared at here with dead eyes. You know I had to play a role!

This is not a hobby, this is a way of life I been into before I became Ill. I always been working with be people, DV victims etc. Now one of my focus for at least 8 years to get people to donate their organs. A family saved me late last year with a kidney and I was on the brink of Death. I was waiting at least 8 years. Anyway I tell people the benefits and I also reach my hand out to support other wait and post. Because it's not easy. I'm going though changes myself!

@LAVONYORK I don't think I have ever related to anything more, except for me it was blood tranfusions (4) that saved me.
@LAVONYORK It's not age. It's life and too much in our schedules. I can forget what I'm talking about in the middle of a sentence, but ask me something random and I've got it.
Lmao, I write in black (when I am being professional) other than that I collect all colors of pens. I usually use the purple and such in my calendar I have. At my age I'm blessed with bad short term memory sometimes.
Yes! I need a new grill. I collect pens and pencils too. However I only like writing in black ink when it comes to pens and only #2 yellow pencils. Now that is nutty. lol
I also have one of those set it and forget it.
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