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yesterday was seriously the bessttt day of my life. exo did amazing and seeing them in person they look even more amazing. they worked hard and even tho sehun was sick just before he did amazing. i love exo so much and hope they can come again sometime. thank you exo for working hard. WE ARE ONE!!♡♡ BTW my phone died unfortunately right before they came on so no pictures..):
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hope you had fun! I did! I'll try and post pictures and,upload videos that I took!
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oh i just saw your comment! ahha i had soooo much fun it was amazing. and that sounds great if you do can you tag me? @CeilidhHoadley
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for sure! I'm on May way home,at the moment so I'll try to soon! 12 hour drive home here we go xD
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oh boy thats a long wayyy hope you get home safe and well. gl haha xD
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Haha thankyou!
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