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Literally crying right now. Also Xiumin is going in 2019. Jonghyun from SHINwe is going in 2019 also. Both Minho and Key are going in 2020. Sehun in going in 2020 too. Literally crying so hard.
I would have thought that memberers of a band would try to schedule their enlistments to be about the same time to interfere for the shortest time possible with their careers.
@AlyssaGelet818 oh wow thanks hun!
@ivyheart13 And for those last two covered up ones...upon further inspection I believe it is Beast's Dongwoon & Btob's Changsub. (Correct me if I'm wrong anyone!)
@ivyheart13 2016: Super Junior Ryeowook & Bigbang T.O.P 2017: Super Junior Kyuhyun, Bigbang G-Dragon (*dies*) & Bigbang Taeyang, 2PM Taecyeon & Jun.K 2018: Shinee Onew (*dies again*), Bigbang Daesung, 2PM Chansung/Wooyoung/Junho, 2AM Jokwon, (the next one is a little to blurry for me to read), Beast Doojoon/Hyunseung (I believe...its a bit blurry)/Junhyung 2019: Shinee Jonghyun (*heartbreaks*), Exo Xiumin (*my heart is going to stop*), Bigbang Seungri (really gonna die), (another really blurry one), Ft.Island Jonghoon/Hongki, Beast Yoseob/Gikwang, Btob Eunkwang/Minhyuk 2020: Shinee Minho/Key (the year I lose my life), Exo Suho, Winner Jinho, Ft.Island Jaejin ( not my babyyyy ) and those last few are blurry & blocked. However I think the blurry ones from each one are CNBlue by looking really, it looks to me like 2018's is Yonghwa, 2019's is Jonghyun, and 2020's is Jungshin and Minhyuk.
@ivyheart13 Since 2015 has already past, I'll just translate the rest (I know how to read Hangul ^^)
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