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G.NA has become even more mature and sexier. On May 25, G.NA gave her comeback performance live on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank. G.NA performed the ballad “Summer Star” and the lead track “2HOT” from her third mini-album and attracted attention with her feminine yet sexy look. After her performance, G.NA said, “I’ve appealed to people with my lively look until now. But this time, I wanted to appeal to people with my feminine, mature look. I was worried at first because I changed my fashion and singing styles, but I’m glad people seem to like them.” “2HOT” is a lively song composed by the hit song maker Kim Do Hoon. It’s commented that the song maximizes G.NA’s singing ability and femininity. G.NA said, “I’ve put on 5 kilograms by building up muscles to highlight my healthy femininity. It was a little bit hard at first because I tried things that I’ve never done before. But I now feel like I have found my style and have gained more confidence.” G.NA also said, “I’m not fully satisfied yet, but I think I can quickly improve after monitoring my performance for a week. Please look forward to it.” G.NA will continue to give her comeback performance on MBC TV’s Show! Music Core on May 26. Source: STARNEWS