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GD is counting"5,6,7,8 as for their GAON chart awards for month of 5,6,7,8....He is too cute on doing that!!!! Yes Jiyong you did won digital song for the month on 5,6,7,8.
Congratulations on you all!!!!
I mean this 1000% when I say I absolutely hate Kwon Jiyong this man has ruined me beyond repair his cuteness and sexiness is just too much to handle man
There is time... u get jealous... on everything he is holding... may we all RIP... my graveyard is Big enough for us all.... to stay!!
lol that's so cute that he is counting. awwwwwww GD so shy and bashful but at the same time proud! all three others are happy too. I'm do proud to be a VIP and their fan!
How can one human be so... Umami? That's the best way I can describe him. He is food. Food for my soul.
I want to be GD's Water Bottle! That is no fair! I am so jealous...
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