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So this card will be rather short with only 20 photos BUT THATS BECAUSE MY CHAINED UP ALBUM GOT HERE AND I'M ADMIRING THE BEAUTY
Leo wants to steal that kid I swear
the rare times you see Leo's beautiful smile: there's a kid around and he loves kids (they're so cute how can you not smile at one?), there's an animal (same thing as with kids), Ravi is suffering (watch LR on 'a song for you' and you and you'll understand, someone does something evil (like disturbing a couple with fireworks), someone does something really stupid (some things are so stupid you can't help but to laugh), someone does something that he really likes/thinks is funny enough to break his shell, being the shy little fluffball he is when getting complimented or put in the spotlight for certain things (like aegyo), or just being with the members/ people he cares about and being content with how his life is going. (fyi, this is just my observation & opinion)
When so people take selfies they take multiple but no matter how many they take they're just perfect gah
Their group photos are my favorite ♥️♥️
haha it's crazy I'm actually listening to VIXX while at work I love Saturday mornings cause I get the tv all to myself
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