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Seating Map for Dallas P1 Presale : $220 P2 : $190 (High Touch included) P3 : $120 / P4 : $90 / P5 : $70 * All assigned seats. * A full package of fan engagements are offered to 'P1 Presale' only. * P2 comes with High Touch.
again sorry i can't remember who is going and who is not so I just tagged my regulars I'm sorry to spam ya'll with concert stuff if your not going!!! please enjoy these gifs of Teen Top being idiots/cuties as my apology! ^^^ xoxo angels @KAddict @ElleHolley @SusiBosshammer @dallasyamane @BangsterLife @TesneemElAlami @ESwee @mitchix5 @uglyxmex
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thank you
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