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If you have any type of social media you would see that #freekesha is everywhere. But just in case you don't know the whole story, I'll fill you in.
If you haven't noticed, the past 3 years has lacked a certain fun loving, perfect to pregame, total bar anthem of Kesha. And that is because she's been stuck in a 3 long court battle to free herself from her Sony contract with Dr. Luke who she is charging with verbal and emotional abuse along with RAPE, just after her 18th birthday.
She has been unable to record, continue her career, and even find solace in her art because she is unable to perform music since she refuses to work with the man who has sexual assaulted her.
Seems pretty cut and dry right? Get her the fuck away from that rapist. She even has said she would still work with Sony, just NOT with her rapist.

And yet, just yesterday the court ruled in favor of the alleged rapist!!

And heres the big fucking problem.
Kesha is a huge name, a huge female role model, and an amazing artist. And seeing her lose her career because a long drawn out sexual assault lawsuit ONLY TO HAVE LOST is the reason people don't come forward when they are raped.
A friend of mine asked me yesterday, "Why did she wait this long to say anything?"
and hewing that question killed me. There are so many issues with that statement, the first of which is that is one of the most damaging forms of victim shamming.
Kesha didn't wait long. The lawsuit against this wealthy, white male has been going on for years and unfortunately I am not surprised they ruled in favor of him. Because out of 100 rapists, only 3 will actually face jail time.
54% of sexual assaults aren't even reported. And this court case proves exactly why. The justice system doesn't seem to give a shit about sexual assault and that is a fucking problem.

Stand strong Kesha. We stand with you.

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This is so frustrating. She's only asking not to work with him! It's not a difficult demand and it's one the company could easily give in to but they'd rather shame her and protect him.