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Never forget. Its a phrase we hear all the time. And just what are we suppose to remember?
1. 9/11 the day America was rocked in the biggest terrorist attack to date.
2. December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor, the day that shall live in infamy. The first, large scale terror attack on the United States of America.
3. The holocaust. The very reason why we all remember that to forget the past means we are doomed to repeat it.
Those 3 things we remember. We honor the brave, the missing, the dead.

But let me ask you this; did you forget what we were suppose to remember yesterday, on February 19th?

On February 19, 1942 President FDR signed Executive Order 9066.
This order began the mass deportation, intermittent, and killing of thousands of Japanese Americans because America was at war with Japan. America rounded up people based solely on what they looked like, and by executive order deemed them no longer citizens, no longer deserving of basic human rights.
We aren't taught about that in school, Japanese intermittent camps brushed over, never mentioning those camps still exist today, fully up kept just in case they have to be used again.
Its interesting how we forgot about that, and now theres a Presidential candidate who is running for election, fear of a race we are at war with leading him to threaten deportation of all Muslim Americans based solely on what they look like, their religion.

If you forget your past, it is doomed to repeat itself.

And now Donald Trump is suggesting doing the same to just about anyone who is not a clone of Donald Trump
@lizamone, And then George Takei will have to beam us back
@orenshani7 exactly my point! We live In Scary times and I do fear that if the wrong person is elected we can be transported 60 years into the past
IDK what schools y'all are going to, but my teachers talked about this