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comment thoughts of them I personally think they're bad and disgusting
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it's like they take the beauty out of the culture
damn, people here really like to judge and tell other how to live. and wth is this of forgetting their own culture? I mean, maybe they did not like their culture, so what? How that make them pathetic and sad? and sorry to say this, but being a martial artist, otaku, or whatever doesnt give you more credential to judge anyone else. We live our lifes as we see fit, not always is the best of the best, but we are living it. And I respect the people who have the courage to show what they are pasionate about.
@yamijeanfranco my experience as a martial artist is what makes me frustrated with the disrespectful handling of weapons. That is the only reason I mentioned it. I revealed that I have no problem identifying as Otaku to show that I do in fact have an understanding and appreciation of both Japanese and fan culture, but a Weaboo by definition is someone who has withdrawn from their own society and views Japan as a flawless utopia. That's pathetic and unrealistic. There is nothing wrong with appreciating other cultures or even being able to see when another culture does something better than your own, but giving up an entire part of your identity to pretend to be something you aren't is just sad....regardless of the label given it
@BraydenSaxon Ok, so couple of things. Handling weapons, what do you mean? he ia doing an imitation of zoro from one piece, that look very obvious. And sorry for my ignorance since I am not nore what beign a martial artis needs yo do with habdling a kitchen knive. Anyways, again abandoning something to another thing that you like is not sad (from my point of view ofcourse) and if you want to focus on the point of believing in a flawless utopia is unrralistic, then ask every religious person how sad and pathetic they are... I do not try to be mean or rude sorry. Just saying that believing in something that is in gzct unreakistic does noy make them patetic or sad, they actually look very happy in thr pics xD. Anyways, I am not here to try or pretend change your beliefs or opinions, just please try not to just judge and call someone something so rude as pathetic or sad, if you do not know about their history, likes, and goals. This discussion was fun thanks bro :).
love the characters but im with u this is weird and disgusting in its own way though i have nothing against it