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It's like i have brain damage and I can't emote. Like all i can do is point in the direction i want your attention, Hoping you'll get the clue Because my tongue is glued in a permanent stasis condition. Somewhere between my tongue and my brain There's a broken wire, a disconnect, That I wish i could find, wish I could splice back together, That I might express myself better and not seem such a mess, So I could explain in the plainest of ways That our time together was my happiest of days And that in my silence I watched it circle down the drain. Or maybe find a closer line, to convince you that we should be closer. Just let me come over, give me one more night. Let me prove it tonight.
I can stick to this real easily. it reminds me of David Foster Wallace and his commencement speech in 2005. I can truly understand where you're coming from with this. Excellent writing, dude.
i know its been a while but i really liked this one and wanted to share it with someone and maybe get some input
i listened to that commencement speech and was blown away. thank you so much for mentioning it @patmanmeow
thank you very much
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