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The events from the day before cloud your mind. You jumped as the opening elevators door reveled Jimin staning infront of the opening."Ah Y/N what are you doing?" He asked with a smile. "I went shopping for eyeliner." You replied. "Jimin.. Did Taehyung really.. cheat on me?" You asked as you looked at Jimin. "Yoongi and Tae really got you running in circles." Jimin sighed. "Jimin!" Jungkook yelled as he made his way twords the elevator. "Meet me at our dorm room tonight at 8 ." He whispered. "Ready?" Jungkook asked. "Hi Y/N" He smiled. "Hi kookie." You greeted. As you walked away. 'Finally some answers!' You smiled as you entered your dorm room. "Y/N where did you go!" Taehyung asked. "The store." You said as you held up the plastic bag. "I was worried." He said as he hugged you tightly. "Tonight were going to practice in a different studio since another group is using the one down stairs." He said as he twirled his thumbs. "Don't practice to hard." You said. You starred at the time it was now 7:30 p.m. 'Can't time go any faster!?' You thought to your self. "Y/N ill be back ok " Taehyung said as he timidly kissed your for head knowing you hadn't forgiven him yet. "Bye." You said as you watched him leave. 7:59 rolled bye as you go ready to head over to the boys dorm. You knocked hesitantly on the door. "Y/N!" Jimin said as he opened the door. "Come in." He said as he closed the door behind you. You both make your way to the sofa. "About Taehyung.. The story he said Wasn't entirely true." He sighed. "I never expected this from him he never seemed to be this was I thought he would stay loyal I thought he was honest." He said as his face tured red. "We did go to see my aunt to get a gift for you. But my aunt broght my cousin over shes around the same age as you. And she had her take Taehyung to go see the puppy. They where gone for a while and when I went to check on them.." he stoped as he looked at you. "Jimin please I need to know. I need to know." You said as you grabbed his hand. "Please tell me. Tell me everything." You begged. He held you're hand tightly. "She was on top of him.. and he was kissing her all over." "What do you mean on top of him?" You asked. "They where having .. sex." He mumbled. "Im sorry Y/N my cousin knew he was dating you I was so angry at them both im sorry I didnt tell you the truth when we picked Yoongi and you up at the hotel." He said as he bit his lip. "Thank you Jimin." You said as you hugged him tightly. "I have an idea." He said as he smiled. "How about instead of being sad lets have some fun!" He said as he put on some music and dimmed the lights, plugging in a lamp that alternated different colors. "I bet you can't beat my girl group dances!" He smiled as he danced. You giggled at his attempt to cheer you up. You stood up and danced along with him. You where happy his attempt worked. You froze as a slow song came on. Jimim held out his as he smiled. You grabbed his hand as he pulled you in closer You smiled as the lights changed colors filling the room with red, green, blue, purple then pink. Jimin lifted your chin as he slowly made his way to you're lips.
Ahhh the cliffhangers you're killing me!!!😱😱😱
(β•₯_β•₯) nice cliffhanger and story (^-^)
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