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Even though they performed Empty the last time they were on Sketchbook it feels different this time. Like...they don't feel like rookies anymore and it's very evident when you compare their recent performance to the first one. Also, they're not wearing their grandpa clothes anymore (even though they rocked that look too)!!!
I love this song. They sound and look so good. Seunghoon, stop trying to fight Mino for his spot as my bias. KSY's voice though!!!
@JustinaNguyen I was planning to watch that soon...After I watch that I'll let you know whose my bias is
@JohnEvans haha good luck finding your bias. if you haven't already watched it then I recommend that you watch winner tv. I think it would help you decide
@JustinaNguyen Well at least you have a definite bias I'm still trying to figure out between Taehyun and Mino
@JohnEvans Nice. Watch out for seunghoon though. He totally snuck up on me and he's definitely giving Mino a good fight for his spot as my bias
@JustinaNguyen I just got into Winner and they have alreadt made it to my top 10 best Kpop groups....Mino and Taehyun are my biases right now and Seungyoon and Jinwoo are my wreckers
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