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Your eyes slowly open as you touch your forehead because you felt a sudden pain im your brain, Your pretty sure you had amnesia or something. You look up at the ceiling to see a white ceiling with little black dots, You thought to yourself,
"Am I in the hospital? Will I die? Why am I here?"
You sit up to see that your alone in what looks like a hotel room. You look over at your hand to see what looks like a bandage wrapped around your left wrist. You try to get up from your seat but your legs felt like little worms. You fall on your knees as your palms touch the cold, hard floor. You breathe heavily as you hear someone open the door, You looked up to see Yongguk dropping a teddy bear and running towards you. He picks you up as he asks you,
"Are you okay? Do you need help?"
You gave him a dirty look as you push him away, "No, Leave me alone."
He puts his hands on your waist as he stands behind you, But you just push him away,
" What's wrong, (Y/N)?" You look at him aas your teeth grind against each other. You slap him as hard as you can, Leaving a hand mark on his face. He rubs his cheek as you yell out,
"What's wrong? What's wrong?! Your really gonna ask me that?! You and Daehyun knocked me out!! I'm here because of you! My wrist and legs are weak because of you! I'm injured because of you!!!"
Your eyes start to tear up as your hands cover up most of your face as you sob.
"Please, Don't cry. I never meant to hurt you. Please forgive me?" I ask her as I stroke her hair.
"You hurted me emotionally and physically!" She yelled in my face.
As she went back to crying, I backhug her as my hand rubs her back. I kiss her cheek in guilt. I bridally pick her up as she shed tears into my chest, Which made me have butterflies. I set her on the bed as I sit next to her laying body. I let her hand rest against mine, Which made me feel weird. I see her look up at me with a fearing look,
" Do you hate me? Do you hate Daehyun? Why did you that?"
"I...I...II... I don't hate you nor Daehyun but I just hate his poor decisions he makes in life and.."
"You didn't have too beat him up and are you trying to ruin my chances with Daehyun?" She asked me as she grips onto my hand tightly, It felt so right but so wrong.
"No, I'm just looking out for you because I care, Your Keilani's best friend. Any friend of hers is instantly a friend of mine."
I see her eyes closing slowly and drifting off as her head sinks into the pillow. I kiss her forehead as gentle as I could before whispering to her, "Sweet dreams, I care about you."
You see Yongguk eaving and shuting the door behind him as your eyes shut. You had dreamt of the same scene that had happened at lunch a few hours ago. Except, There was a different ending, Instead of blacking out, You had a serious case of memory loss. You forgot everything, Keilani, Yongguk, Daehyun, The incident, Daehyun asking you out, Meeting Yongguk, Keilani being your bestfriend, GONE, VANISHED, DiSAPPEARED, (You get the picture.)
Unfortunatly, Instead of getting help or some type of therapy, Your memory has been lost for 2 months, Which means you do recover. But then after a year of problems and torned relationships, You have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have to be on chemotherapy for every 14 days because your body has to be used to the cancer killing drugs. You were close to recovering from this horrible cancer which made you, your family and friends super happy. Until...
Daehyun sends you a text saying that he is happy for you and is glad that your recovering but sadly, He wants to break up with you to go out with a girl you hate named Hailey Jones. You get depressed and decide that you didn't want to be in therapy anymore, You just wanted to end your life. Which, In the end, happens tragically.
You yelled out loudly as you breathe intensly. You sit up against the bed frame which felt cold against your weak dry skin. You heard the door slowly open to see a shadow mysterious like figure walking towards you. You scream like a 5 year old and start to kick. But as the figure came closer, You hide under your blanket and hold onto to it for dear life. You felt it touch and shake your side as a voice whispers,
"Hey it's just me, Yongguk. Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I just had the worst dream." You exclaimed.
"What happened?" He asked you as he sits next to you and holds onto your hand and doesn't let go. You explain everything to him with a lot of details and hand gestures.
He rubs your hand softly as he whispers, " Oh you poor thing. You must've been scared to death."
You hum a yes as you hug your pillow. His hand touches the mid part of your leg as he tells you, "Do you want me to accompany you for the night?"
"Yes please. But... I don't want to stay here. This place scares me."
"Okay, You can stay over with me for the night. Do you want mine bed? I can sleep on the couch or the floor."
"No thanks Oppa, That's very kind of you but..."
"No No, I insist. It's the least I can do. I have too make it up to you Don't I?"
I picked her up as if we got married (>.<) I felt her face burying into my chest as I hear her snoring obnoxiously loud, Which I found it really adorable to the point where I almost die in cuteness. I grab a blanket and wrap it around her fragile and powerless body. I hold onto (Y/N) in the freezing cold. I swore I could've died but she kept me alive by her beauty. I try not to become soft with her. But, She weakened me with her infinitely beauty. I look at her smooth light pink lips as I lick mine.
I finally made it to my house as I unlock the door and open it quietly. I walk upstairs and try not to wake up my parents. I open my bedroom door to see my bed sheets messed up and wrinkled as my window was open. The cold wind blows into my direction as I try not let go of her and cover myself with my arms. I set her in bed and kiss her forehead. I close the window and lock it as I look at the shining moon. I hear something moving, As if someone were mumbling. I look over my shoulder and see her in the fetal position as she has the blanket covering her mouth. I slowly remove the blanket away from her face, I adored her appearance. I crawl into bed next to her and make sure I'm not disturbing her.
I wake up to see her in my presence. I stroke the side of her face before her eyes open. I immediately pretend I'm still sleeping as I feel her getting up. I squint my eyes as I look at her. She was looking out the window as the ray of sunshine glows against her fair skin. I sit up to see her eyes look into my soul,
" Good Morning Princess, Did you sleep well?"
"Yeah I did. Thanks for letting me spend the night here, I really didn't like the hospital."
"Why not? Something happen to you in the past?" I asked her as I get up and stand besides her.
I felt her hand touch my right shoulder as she looks away.
"When I was a little, clueless young girl. My mom and I were really close but by the age of 9, My parents got divorced and I live with her. But, She later had a boyfriend who was the meanest and most horrible man I've ever met in my entire life. Then my mom started using drugs and then eventually after like a few months, She had an overdose but luckily she survived. Sadly, After like 2 months of her being sober, She was shot in front of me and my sister by her ex boyfriend..." She continues as she starts to cry heavily,
"I used to self harm and starve myself, That's why I'm so skinny because I almost died and I had to go to a mental hospital to recover from it."
I look at her as tears start to fall from her delicate cheeks to the wooden floor. I hug her with all my heart as I ask her, "If you don't me asking, But did you self harm because of your mother's issues or is there a different reason?"
She pulls me away with her cold hands as she tells me, "When I was in elementary school, I was bullied which continued throughout middle school. I was bullied for my appearance, my weight, my intelligence. I was called fat, ugly, a whore, dumb, worthless. I didn't want to believe them nor did I wanted to harm myself in anyway, But my self conscience made me. Later, I was diagnosed with depression then social anxiety. I hated going out because I had cuts on my arms, thighs and sometimes on my stomach. I felt ugly and worthless to the point I was thinking about suicide but I knew that would let me free but I would also would have put pain on my family and friends."
I see her about to fall on her knees. I hug her as I comfort her. I felt sorry for her...
You wished you hadn't told him. Not to be so open about it but you couldn't hold it in. You felt his hand touch your arms as he rolls up your sleeve. He sees your scars as well as some fresh new cuts. He immediately drops down on his knees as he holds onto your hands.
"(Y/N), Please Stop. Your worth much more than this, You don't deserve it. Your a Princess, Not a slave. Hold your head up high and make all of those peasants bow down to you. You rule this castle, Take care of it."
You start to blush as you felt weak, He stands up as he kisses your forehead. You push him away as you open the window. He grabs your hand, Twisting and spinning you in circles before landing into his rough arms. You felt a heat rush rising in your body. You look into his eyes as he leans in for it. But you push him away as you quietly yell,
"What on earth are you doing?"
"Omo, I'm so sorry, I have no idea what came into my mind. I just got distracted. You know we have like 2 hours before school. Why don't you go take a shower and put on some fresh clothes, You'll feel better afterwards, Trust me."
You smile as you walk into his bathroom which was surprisingly spotless. He walks into the bathroom behind you as he turns on the water for you. He walks out as he says,
"Take your time, Princess. I'll be waiting for the princess to come back to her throne."
You blush as you strip down naked and step into the warm area. You start to wash your hair as you hear some voice singing,
" Geoura geoura
Jebal jom malhaejuryeomuna
Jeoura neodo malhaejuryeomuna
Amugeotdo bakkul piryo eopsi yeppeudago
Jigeum geu moseup geudaero wanbyeokhadago
] Manyang haengbokhamyeon dwae geokjeong eopsi
Bujokhan jeomi mwonji chajgi eopgi
Geoul daesin geunyang nae nun bicceul barabwa
Jeoul daesin nae deung wie ollatabwa bwa"
You smile as the water scorches across your back. You blush as he continues,
"Amuri neol tteudeobwado
Bogo tto bogo tto bwado
Niga malhaneun an yeppeun bubuni eodinji
Geuge eodinji chajeul suga eopseo nan
Jigeumcheoreom manmanmanmanman man
Isseojumyeon nannannannannan
Baralge eopseuni neon amugeotdo
Bakkuji mamamamama
Amu geokjeongmamamamamama
Neoui modeunge dadadada da joheunikka
Neoneun amugeotdo bakkuji mamamamama"
You knew that he was singing "Just Right" by GOT7, Which made you blush because that song is cute and has a powerful message. You start to hum the song as you feel butterflies. You turn off the shower and dry up as your hair is wrapped around a towel that he had given you. You open the door to see him standing there with his spread apart as he forms a big heart with his arms, "You look perfect".
I see her removing the towel from her head as her hair falls down timingly. Even though her hair is wet, She still looks good. Some girls can't pull off that wet hair look.
When she turns around I run towards her and hug her with all my strength. When I pull her away, I see her outfit that she was wearing. She had on a black tanktop that reads,
"LOVE MADE ME DO IT", skinny jeans, a nice looking jacket/blazer, a pair of grey vans with her hair pulled back and to top it off, She had on the cutest pair of glasses.
"You look beautiful..." I told her.
"Thank you Oppa, Your too kind." She giggles as she blushes, "Should we start heading to school?"
"Yeah, I'll ask my mom if she can give me, you and Keilani a ride to school."
I take out my phone and call Keilani, But she doesn't pick up. I call again and she answers,
"Hey Babe, What's up?"
"Hey there, I was wondering if you want a ride to school. I'm already in the car with my mom and (Y/N)."
I head downstairs as (Y/N) walks behind me. I make her go outside so that my mom won't know.
"Mom! Take me and Keilani to school? And can she bring her friend along?"
"Yes Sweetie." My mother says nicely, She's too cute.
I bring the phone back to my ear, "Ummm, Yeah sure. Just hurry okay."
"Okay Babe, I.."
Okay, She hung up the phone I thought to myself. I get in the car and sit next to (Y/N) as my mom pulls out of the drive way. She starts heading toward's my girlfriend's house to see her standing there with her books in hand. I get out and open the door for her. But she pulls me aside as she whispers, "Why is she here?"
"Well, She has to go to school too. Have a problem?" I asked, "I have a bad feeling about (Y/N) and Daehyun."
I ignore her words and get in the car as she does. She closes the door and we all head to school in a very awkward manner.
Omo! This is so realistic and relatable...Hope you ejoyed the story!!!!! XD
omg it's so interesting
AHHHH (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦) I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT PART!! (≧▽≦) MY HEARTEU!! please keep tagging me in it
omg I can't believe the best friend said that at the end. I won't feel bad if the other girls takes Yongguk from her now lol fake friend much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Starbell808 of course @SashaLove Do i need to call the doctor πŸ˜‚ @catatrophic He is
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