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im pretty much burned out on vingle because once again, i just dont have the motivation to put in the time and effort on something that is only going to get two or three likes. its not really worth all that searching for links, photos and videos and then doing all that typing when what im doing pretty much is futile and a waste of time. Goodbye vingle. I just dont have what it takes.
All that matters is that you're enjoying yourself if not then you should go find something else. I don't make many cards I mostly comment on others and that's what I like there is something out there for everyone. I hope you find something that makes you happy.
@MelissaMae I just didn't want you to feel you're doing something wrong. Vingle has been the first place where I've felt comfortable sharing my work or even commenting. If you still decide to go, your input will be missed. I actually read every post and you supported me before:)
@MelissaMae thank you for the compliment. I meant every word I said and as for the depression, don't be embarrassed to try therapy. It helps if you let it. I would never want to offend you. That last bit comes from experience. I'll let you be now. Take care of yourself:) I'm glad I had the opportunity to speak with you before you left.
I'm sorry @MelissaMae, I'm not saying that you have to be like me. I just hope you will find what makes you happy.
That's not true @MelissaMae I'm a college educated professional journalist and I wrote an essay last week that only had 4 likes on it. No comments. It's wrong to measure your success by the likes because you never know who you touch in between that! Trust me, if you put good things in the universe they will come back :) I read your posts constantly! And will try harder to tag people I think will enjoy your work. Things are tough, all around. I just hope that we can do better! Vingle is a family
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