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im pretty much burned out on vingle because once again, i just dont have the motivation to put in the time and effort on something that is only going to get two or three likes. its not really worth all that searching for links, photos and videos and then doing all that typing when what im doing pretty much is futile and a waste of time. Goodbye vingle. I just dont have what it takes.
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@MelissaMae can I private message with you?
@MelissaMae I do believe what you have is worthy but looking for validation in other people isn't healthy and it certainly doesn't get the job done. If you know that what you have to say is worth a damn then it doesn't matter if one or a dozen people don't. You matter whether other people believe that or not. In the living world there's only one person's opinion of you that counts and that's yourself any other person that shares a positive feeling towards you is a bonus. I'm not the most confident person in the world but I make the most of each day and substitute any bad feelings for all the love I have for myself; it doesn't work for everyone but you can find something that can make you feel good that doesn't rely on other people to make you happy. Idk if any of that makes sense because I'm not the best advice giver and I kinda went on a tangent. You're worth it
This is my first internatational community that I joined.. Don't you feel proud to have friend around the world even in syber world? There is my cards that did not have 'like' at all and at 1st, I'm disappointed too like you. but then I think again of my intention to join vingle. It is to have a knowledge of various issues and culture from around the word! even English is my 2nd language but with vingle I learned a lot everyday... wow.. it's that great. I don't know if you read my comment or not but more important is, nice to meet you.. I read your cards before about narcis or else I guess..and one more.. I love your little pic that present you in vingle..
@atmi I think that's an awesome reason for being on Vingle!!!!
Thanks @2Distracted.. 馃槉