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Cha Yoo Jin is a third year student in a school of music majoring in piano and dreaming of becoming a world renowned conductor. He seems to be perfect with his good looks, natural born musical talent, and his father, who is a world renowned pianist. He is unable to travel to Europe due to a childhood trauma which gave him a fear of flying. Meanwhile, Seol Nae Il (meaning: Seol Tomorrow) is a free spirited and 4-dimensional character who is also a genius pianist. Due to her unpredictable personality, She causes all kinds of trouble, but when it comes to piano, she boasts exceptional talent. She constantly annoys perfectionist Cha Yoo Jin with her unique mental world but her lovely charms make her irresistible. ~~ Adapted from the Japanese manga ‘Nodame Cantabile‘ by Tomoko Ninomiya.
Joo Won (Cha Yoo Jin) Shim Eun Kyeong (Seol Na ll) Baek Yoon Shik (Franz Stresemann) This scene was so funny and awkward haha. At first when I watched this show I was a bit annoyed with the idea of a girl chasing a guy around all day long while also talking in a kiddie voice. I changed that thought after a couple of episodes. Yoo Jin and Na ll both healed each others traumas as well as getting each other to grow more as a person. She never wanted to give up on him and he realized he needed her more than he thought he did. The power of K-Drama love right there woo! <(^°^)>. Franz on the other started off as a creepy kinda man not saying who he really is and calling Nae ll baby everytime he sees her and not thinking that it looks wrong to invite a young girl to his penthouse lol (He turns out to be a interesting character in his own way).
Go Gyeong Pyo (Yoo ll Rak) Park Bo Gum (Lee Yoo Ho) Do Hee (Choi Min Hee) Jang Se Hyun (Ma Soo Min) They are just some of the friends that are seen throughout the show. I love how they all just clicked together as if they were all friends for years. Plus this conversation is funny if you watch the show Vinglers :)
A lot of random moments in the show lol. Some may be predictable, but you still laugh at the end of the day ^_^
Aren't they cute ^_^
And in this one too <(^°^)>. Plus you will notice that they never kiss throughout the show. I didn't even notice that until I finished it.
So watch the show everyone. I never steer anyone to a show I didn't think was worth a watch ^_^