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Pained every time he sees the performance, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi explains the situation behind his infamous voice cracking performance from an award ceremony. On May 22, Lee Hong Gi appeared as a guest on MBC’s Radio Star where he chose MC the Max’s Goodbye for Now as the song he wants to play for a past memory. Lee Hong Gi explained that in 2008, he woke up with a high fever after performing at concerts for three days straight, but due to schedules, he needed to attend an award ceremony to perform a song he wasn’t aware of due to the busyness of the concerts. “Our manager said, Hong Gi is sick, and asked if we could perform with an AR (All Recorded), but the broadcast staff said no. It must be live,” said Lee Hong Gi. “I went to the hospital, but I wasn’t getting better. So, in the end, I went up on stage, and [my voice] wouldn’t work.” He added, “Because it wouldn’t work, I was offbeat, flat, off-tune – I was going crazy. It was so hard” The performance became viral upon broadcast, and Lee Hong Gi said that no matter how old it is, the broadcast stations usually find it and air it. Lee Hong Gi also said that a lot of the senior singers at the ceremony comforted him. “The Super Junior members were one of the first to do so,” said Lee Hong Gi. “Kang In hyung said this: ‘Hong Gi, are you feeling better? You were the best on that stage yesterday.’ Those words were really comforting.” Photo Credit: MBC [Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]
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awww Hongki and Kangin ♥♥