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I like all kinds of fun quizzes esp personality tests. I've taken most of them but within the last couple years was professionally given a temperament test and then my counselor explained the results and I could not believe how spot on this was in every way in describing me. Since then I've read so much on them and truly believe if every engaged or married couple or even roommates who share living space could benefit from this test!!! It helps you understand what drives each other and makes certain things that may drive you crazy that they do a little more tolerable. After all it may be an inborn trait. Not that it should be used as an excuse by any means either! I've benefited so much from learning my temperment. I would suggest if you are really interested getting one done by a professional who sends results away to be analysed to get a true thourough look but I found this test online that was pretty good. Honestly I just adore the people of the Vingle Community! The respect and love and encouragemennt without the other crap that comes with other social media venues is so refreshing!!! So if you'd be willing I'm just wanting to get a better idea of who all you Awesome Vinglers are. Of course I don't pigeon hole anyone by these results but its fun and gives a general idea!!! If you don't agree with the results that ok too. Let me know that cuz its never 100%! http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/j_n48oj/The-Four-Temperaments-Test @danidee, @TessStevens, @nicolejb, @ButterflyBlu, @InPlainSight, @marshalledgar, @buddyesd, @AlloBaber,@Shannonl5, @LadyLuna, @jordanhamilton, @alywoah, @YumiMiyazaki, @TurtleyTurtles, @LAVONYORK, @JessicaChaney, @EasternShell, @atmi, @TiffanyWallace, @ShinigamiSan, @humairaa, @KhrystinaLee, @carmaa10, @carolineharrell, @MelissaMae, @1FallenAngel, @Sara3, @peahyr, @mscocoasupreme, @RaquelArredondo, @TerrecaRiley
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@2Distracted thanks for mentioning!
I'm 33% Melancholic lol..
I'm phelgmatic
Choleric but I don't see percentages. Maybe it's 100%. I don't know.
I got sanguine and that's mostly true I think based on what I read then again I don't really remember what I just read...