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After our BB Mod leader "Dae Nugget" @KwonOfAKind did her "Strip" cards to show how much she love us.
Apology accepted!!! Our love is back to where we were...huh...m... where we were??? is ok that is not the point.
She will carry us everywhere we go!
Like a girl buddy to a girl buddy. This is not a ship card... maybe it is??
I will also help her when she need a lift!!
We had come to an agreement!!!
And she also promise... there won't be any ↝works↜ for us right??? Our love will last until...(when I decide to stop) With Love Your JTOP @Helixx @jiyongleo @catchyacrayon
@Helixx U know how much I love our Kwonnie.@KwonOfAKind 😆😆😆😆 ...I often had show my Love is ↝Pain↜ to her. But this one is love with no pain card.
I love JTOP cards. I love when she makes Kwonnie Dae Nugget cards. I love a lot of things right now... I'm so sleep deprived at the moment... but I'd ship you two.
hmm, there's seems to be a problem with this card... "Our love will last until when you decide to stop"... Idk about that one because even if you decide to end things DaeNugget will love you forever ♡
You is right my friend!
This ship is my reason to live 😍❤👌
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