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This chick is so weirdly awesome! I have seen this anime maybe four times now haha. I love Tomoko, she reminds me so much of myself. She is awkward and anti social and a bit clumsy. At first watching this anime, I thought jeez this girl has some real issues but I, of course, finished it, loved it and realized how she resembles me so much ^-^ The thing that sets us apart though is I don't try to impress people and don't or change to be in the "in crowd". I definitely thought, though, that her character embodied how some guys and girls act to try to become noticeable or " popular"
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What kind of anime is this?????! Vibrators, bl?!?! Thas kinda mature
So I really wanna find out
@dimplequeen lol she does And trust me it is actually fairly funny when all that "mature" stuff happens I don't even know what genre this anime falls into
@culversyanne yeah, cuz it's not like it's yaoi or yuri but it's def more funny when they have mature content.