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*buzz buzz* I ran to my phone. I looked at who texted MOM: "How's Korea going?" I threw my phone across the room. "Damit mom I thought it was him" I layed there with a derpy smile on my face. I was thinking of him. "I wonder why so many people were crowding him. Is he famous or something?" **few seconds later*** my eyes widened. "What if he is!" I limped my way to my laptop and searched up on Google, "jimin, Korea" *a few minutes later* I sat there in shock. "He's in a kpop group holy cow, he's in a boy group called BTS!!! I just held his hand! OH MY GOD!!!" I was fangirling. *ring ring* I hear my phone in the other room. "what if it's him" I crawled my way to the room. "Dang it where did I throw it" I started destroying my room to find my phone. "Oh my's him.." my heart stopped....I answered it... "Hello?" "Hey it's Jimin, the guy who called the cab for you." I froze... "Hello?" "Oh yeah sorry I was doing something (i lied) but yeah hi what's up?" "Is your shin better?" "Yeah a lot better thank you" I'm face is burning up. " you think...of um...going to eat somewhere or watch a movie..or something?" "umm..ugh.." damit my hearts beating to fast to say anything. "Uh yeah..I love too." " do you feel about dinner and ice skating, this Friday?" "Yes, that would be perfect" I can't stop smiling. "K see yah Friday" I hung up my phone. "HOLY SHIT I GOT A DATE WITH A FAMOUS GUY!!!" I started fangirling. ******Friday Morning******* "Its Friday yassss I got a date!!" I started dancing around. I go to my closet to find something cute to wear. I pick out a peach colored skirt with black long sleeves, black high heels and curly my hair. ****8:00pm.***** *ding dong* I opened my door. I see his adorable smile greet me. "Hey you ready to go?" "Yeah let's go" He makes me wrap my arm around his arm. I'm blushing so much. We get to a nice restaurant. We got a Booth in the back. The lighting was kind of dim. It was cute. We laughed we talked. "Heyy how's your shin?" "I'm really a lot better thank you" He looks at me and smiles. "Here try this" He feeds me a spoonful of what tasted sweet and creamy My face is blushing oh my God. "Thank you it's yummy" "Don't thank me yet. Shall we go ice skating now?" I nod. He grabs me by the the hand pulling me to the ice skating rink. We get there. We started ice skating. Me as a terrible skater was falling. Jimin holds out his hand to me. "Here grab onto me" He makes me wrap my arms around his back. I burry my face into his back. Why am I getting a butterfly feeling in my stomach. We luaghed so many times. I accidently tripped causing both of us to fall. I fall on top of him. Now we were face to face. My nose touching his nose. I opened my eyes and see him staring into mine. My face is burning up again. "i-i-im so sorry" I chuckled "No it's fine I just...never cute eyes you have. Is he blushing? I got up and helped him up. "Hey I got a surprise for you (y/n)" "What is it?" He pulled me to the edge of the rink and made me look up at the sky. All of a sudden fireworks shot up. I smiled at how beautiful they were. "Hey your freezing here wear my jacket." He puts his jacket on me. Its so warm and comferting. "Thank you" "Your welcome (y/n). Shall we go now?' We get to my apartments. I look for my keys in my purse. I feel something pulling me closer. Jimin pulled me in for a hug. "Thank you (y/n). Your the first person who I feel really confertable with." I can see him blushing why? Damit I feel my face burning up. "Is it ok if I see you again soon?" "Yeah I love to see you again" I can't seem to stop smiling. "Great. Ill text you soon" He kisses me on the cheek. "Goodnight (y/n)" "goodnight Jimin"
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I love it!!!!!!!
@SierraBecerra thank you
@SarahVanDorn this is pt. c:
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