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@2Distracted posted a card with a personality quiz.

I got 'phlegmatic'

Here's the description for that category:

"Phlegmatic people are generally submissive and introverted. They like to please others and avoid confrontation when possible, which makes them great pacifists. They can be very trustworthy, empathetic, they put others first and are quick to blame themselves for whatever mistake. Indecisiveness is a major issue for them; they depend on others to make decisions and are natural followers. Their admirable trait is their calmness, steadiness and easy-goingness, which makes them good listeners and supportive people. They're almost immune to anger and prefer to lead the familiar path, rather than exploring new ways. However, they sometimes lack passion, as they don't express their emotions and they rely on others to motovate them. Do these traits describe you? If not, check the other results as well :)"
I am not quite sure if this totally describes me. But I think it's right on a lot of things!
If you want to take the quiz, here's the link is RIGHT HERE.