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EXO'luXion Chicago😍

Ok... I went to the EXO'luXion in Chicago yesterday and the most AMAZING things happened... I was noticed by FOUR of the membeers!!! This is how it went... Suho: Eye contact and wave Chen: Eye contact and wave Kai: Eye contact and wave Suho: Eye contact and wave ... Now the last one was Byun Baekhyun and this was special... This is the one that I am going to remember most from yesterday...
So what happened was I was just cheering for EXO and minding my own business... and I look over and Byun Baekhyun is just staring right at me... So we lock eyes and just stare at each other for about a minute... Then he looks away and looks at the members then looks back at me and I'm just beaming and he starts smiling... And I DIED... Then it happened again and I decided to test it and I did a tear motion down my cheek with a pouty lip aND HE STARTED LAUGHING AT ME... I still can't believe that actually happened... That just made my night... That's literally the best thing that has ever happened in my entire life... Like out of all of the fans... I was the one he just stared at... ... But anyway... Music videos and recordings and fan cams don't do them justice. EXO is AMAZING!!!!! I will never forget this night EVER!
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what section were you in? that last pic looks really close to where I was!
It really was an amazing concert. I was there too! You going to got7?
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