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Hello! :D And welcome yet again to the fifth chapter of a wondrous novel about a girl surviving in a world with South Korea's five biggest kings! <3
Arriving late to the show? I gotchu fam! :* <3
----> Chapter 4
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Ah! WARNING! The first part is a little PG-13 so please be warned! Sorry, I usually keep it clean but it was necessary since it involved a certain member.... you'll understand. :3
Please don't think badly of me afterwards! XD
Please enjoy! <3 :D
Chapter 5
The next day was a pretty fast pace day, but the best part was seeing the members of Big Bang in action of being their dorky selves with one another for the fans to enjoy. On camera and off camera, they were still the same people who shared the same passion and the same jokes with each other. No wonder they looked so inviting and friendly from a computer screen. In real life, they were all the same, perhaps even better.
You stand by a table filled with water bottles and snacks, mindlessly munching on pocky that the girls in your van had promised to provide you with in exchange for hearing your stories.
"Whatcha eating?" Seung-Ri approached you.
"Pocky, want some?" you say, offering him the box. He wraps his fingers around your hand and slowly pulls out a pocky stick, shooting you a wink when your mouth drops into a gaping hole. The pocky in your mouth slides out and drops onto the floor.
"What?" Seung-Ri smirks with the chocolate covered biscuit in between his lips.
You pick up your jaw and clear your throat, then take another pocky stick and slip it into your mouth, understanding Seung-Ri's flirtatious game. Seung-Ri coughs and quickly looks away, searching the for something to distract himself with.
"What?" you drawled. He shakes his head and continues to quietly eat his biscuit. You dump the rest of the pock out and put them in your mouth, and with the sensation of chocolate melt on your tongue, you hum in pleasure.
"How can you eat so many at once?" he mutters. You shrug and fix your glasses back into place. Seung-Ri looks up at you when you failed to provide a verbal response, opening up the opportunity to shoot him with a wink of your own.
He threw his head back in defeat, "aishh, I can't with you!"
You put your hands up in defense, "I'm not doing anything! Can't a girl enjoy some pocky in peace?"
He shakes his head with a wide smile, "You know what-"
"Seung-Ri, get your ass in here! You said you were going to take a leak, not socialize!" Ji-Yong poked his head out the window and yelled.
"Okay hyung!" Seung-Ri yells back then shoots you another wink before running back inside the cabin.
<<Fight me>> your thoughts configure an image of you trying to taken on the Panda that provoked you to such extremities, making you giggle in the end.
You wonder through the staff, then take out your iPod and find a nice quiet place away from the commotion to read. You sit on a wooden bench with your knees tucked in to get comfortable while classic rock blared through your headphones, absorbing yourself in the little world where it was you and the main character verse the enemies of the novel. From time to time, you take a break to rock out to the sick guitar solos and silently sing along.
<<Nothing like good ol' American classics>>, you think through a guitar solo by Kansas. Without realizing it, you slowly sink down further and further until your back laid flat on the bench with knees crossed and your foot mindlessly tapping the air to the beat of the song.
Something brushes against your foot, you look up from the top edge of your book and see TOP smirking at you. You instantly sit up and scoot to the other end of the bench, spooked to see him appear out of nowhere like a ghost. His lips move, but with your headphones continuing to blare out music, you miss his words.
“I'm sorry?” you say, yanking out your headphones.
“I asked, what are you reading?” he repeats with a small chuckle.
You stare at him until his question clicked, “Oh, it's just a novel in Spanish,” you respond bluntly.
“Spanish?” his thick eyebrows crease together.
You ease up and show him the book, “Yeah, nothing like brain exercise with reading in another language,” you smile. He takes the book in his hands and flips through the pages, looking like a child who couldn't figure out how to play with his new toy.
“And you understand it?” he asks slowly.
You giggle, “of course I understand it. Why would I read something I don't understand? Being able to speak a language means you have an idea of what you're reading when you come across material. It's a great way to work your brain muscles, even if you struggle with pronunciation from time to time.”
“Do you read in Korean?”
“Yeah, that's how I learned how to speak. Now I just read to learn new words and get my brain juice flowing.”
He smiles and hands you back the book, staring at it with a scholarly expression.
“Aren't you suppose to be filming?” you break his concentration.
“We're taking a break because Seung-Ri had to use the bathroom again. I was wondering around but found you all cozy with a book and decided to bug you,” he smiles his fox smile.
You blush at the idea of TOP observing you nerd out, “Sorry, I usually go into my own little world when I read.”
He chuckled, “No need to apologize, I could tell you weren't mentally here when you wouldn't respond to me calling your name. Sorry for scaring you out of nowhere.”
You cover your face with your hand, pushing your glasses into place as in excuse to hide the embarrassment and smile, “It's okay, a gentle heart attack is acceptable from time to time, keeps that blood pumping.”
He laughed again then rose to his feet, “I'll let you go back to your own world then,” he said, then turned around and walked away. You watch him disappear into the cabin then get up yourself and head back to the log house.
“That was soo embarrassing!” you say, face palming and covering your face with the book to hide your bright red cheeks.
The day quickly disappears into night, you did nothing but wonder around and correct Dae-Sung's pronunciation in English when it was required or teach them a new synonym so they could quit saying the same thing but that was it.
“I don't understand why I even came,” you mutter to yourself while laying on your bed to kill time. Your phone goes off with a text message tone, you flip it open to a text from one of the girls about the hot tub being available for the night, you reply her a thank you for the notice then change into your bathing suit and pin your hair.
The filming staff was to be out until late tonight, so the majority of the female staff got to enjoy the hot spring until the filming staff returned. You slip into the back balcony where the hot tub laid steaming. The water made your skin defend itself with goosebumps but once you settled down, it was like heaven on earth. A bit better than the actual hot spring since you were the only one there and it was peaceful enough to hear your own breathing.
“Mind if I join you?” a voice broke the silence. You opened one of your eyes and see one of the make up artists smiling at you.
“Of course not, come in, the water is wonderful,” you smile back. You feel her climb in settle across from you. She didn't say anything, she just enjoyed the water, making you smile to yourself, knowing that silence was a virtue. From a distance, you hear the other women laughing downstairs, enjoying themselves.
“I didn't see you that much in the afternoon,” the make up artist interjects.
“I wasn't needed as much on set so the director let me off the hook after a while,” you reply, keeping your eyes closed.
“Why did you come?” she said with a tone that was slightly off.
“I was asked to by the other unnies, I couldn't let them down,” you say, pitching your voice into a sweeter octave.
“Oh, how sweet. You seem to get along with everyone.”
You shrug, “I've been told that I'm that kind of person.”
“The guys seem to really enjoy your presence....” her voice trails off.
You form your face into its professional poker facade, “what guys?”
“The members of Big Bang,” she retorts instantly.
“We're all co-workers, things work smoothly if we all get along,” you smile sweetly again to hide the amount of sass you want to smother your words in.
“I think one of them likes you.”
“Well it'd be troublesome if we didn't get along since we have to work together."
“No, I think one of them likes likes you,” she said, emphasizing the word like. Your eyes flutter open to look at her, then you burst out laughing so hard that you start crying due to the pain in your stomach.
“Girl,” you say in English while you wipe your tears away, “you're hilarious.”
“I'm serious! I don't know but I get the hunch that one of them is seriously liking you,” she exclaims.
“What makes you say that?”
“I hear them talking about you from time to time when you're not around,” her voice got small as the sentence progressed.
“They all see me as their little sister,” you laugh. “If one of them were to like me to that extent, I'd either get mauled by the VIPs or fired, possibly both.”
“Really? Well, I'm just saying....” her voice trailed off again, leaving a sour taste in your mouth. "And you don't like any of them in that way?"
You stand up and grab your towel, “My job will require getting close to various types of individuals. It is best if I keep to my professionalism and not only treat everyone with respect, but maintain the friendships that aspire out of my job. Please know that we're all friends here, unnie,” you smile then excuse yourself back to your room.
You flop onto your bed once more with a towel protecting the bed from getting wet. Your gaze meets that of the bright neon colors of the alarm clock then goes blank when you close your eyes. You sigh deeply then roll to your back.
<<If he were to like me back, I would absolutely lose every sense of mental stability. From my current position, I can enjoy him just by watching. His smile, his laugh, his personality, everything about him. Would he see me with the same intensity of emotion though? Would things be able to work out due to his schedule?>> You roll on your stomach again. <<Aishh, what am I saying? I'd get fired on the spot if the CEO were to find out that I was getting too personal any one of the them. I need to distance myself and keep it strictly work related. No one must ever find out I like that.... completely perfect.... and wonderful..... ugh!>>
You grab your pillow and scream into it, allowing your inner fangirl to exhaust her rage then place it back and stare blankly at the wall until your eyelids droop with sleep.
Awww :3
This chapter was pretty short due to college and work being priority last week. :( But I promise to make up for it in the next chapter because it's like 10+ pages and I gotta figure out how I'm gonna edit it or break it into two smaller chapters... :3
Soo, Who's the bias in this story? Any guesses?
We have:
>The one who always sparks up a conversation with you and somehow got the courage to call you first.
>The one who always finds a way to compliment you but gets really bashful about it when he gets called out.
>The one who isn't afraid to express his flirtatious ways and even mentioned getting 'well acquainted' before.
> The one who is a gentlebug but is low-key curious and enjoys teasing you with fright.
> The one with enough sass to ignite WW3 with you.... or maybe something more....
Will there be any confessions? If others are starting to suspect something, how will you react?! D:
Stay tuned for the next episodes to get your answers! :D Let me know what you think about the evidence thus far because I love reading your thoughts too! X3
and a BIG (bang) thank you to those who have stuck with me thus far, I love each and every one of you! Even if you don't hit the like button or clip it to a collection, the views that add up are still enough to encourage me!
I'll work harder! Fighting! <3 x)
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how bout all of them ohhh drama
I never really see much Top or Daesung. Imma say one of them, even doh I want to encourage it to be YoungBae 😍😂
GD is my guess. or Top
gosh you sure know how to keep it mysterious. in my opinion its one of the guts that isn't too forward about their feelings. I have no BigBANG bias so I don't care which one it is, it's all very exciting! any one if them is an excellent choice.
I'm finally catching up @Sailynn and omg.... awww the feels. I'm loving this story
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