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So tomorrow on February 21 I will be attending the Exo concert by myself. I was wondering if anyone here will also be going and would like to hang together before the concert. I feel lonely going all alone. Also if anyone can give me advice on how early I should get before the concert.
Went to LA. Ummmm if you're in GA get there early because that whole going in by sections soooo didn't work. Kind of moot now lol sorry I'm late. They also pass out banners and fun stuff and you can make new friends so yeah
and I just realized it probably started already cuz time difference lol oh well but it's good for any kpop concert
actually if you go later you won't have to wait in line till they open the doors you can go early for parking but I'd suggest to go do something else instead of waiting in line and then get in line lime maybe a half hour after what time they said the doors will open I went to the LA one and they didn't open till almost 6 and they said 4:30 but that's cuz EXO just got there so they were practicing
i got to the venue in Vancouver 2 hours before. though i didnt pay attention to the weather and it started to rain and was like 30 degrees and windy. So look into the weather lol. Also as far as Im aware most of the concerts have been starting late. At least Vancouver did so we waited i think an extra hour outside. Also I went by myself and it was amazing. It was a bit weird at first but once the concert started I was focused on them and it was all that mattered.
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