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Okay as you know I got my VIXX Chained Up album today:) (So happy) So now I'm showing you what came in my package!!
Picture 1: The CD:) It's so awesome actually seeing the physical disk. I don't know why Picture 2: Photo book. Filled with so many photos!! (I got a lot of Ravi so yeah) Picture 3 + 4: Contract, I got Hongbin's (*sobs*) I was hoping for Leo's... But Hongbin is nice too. Picture 5: I was supposed to get double sided photos of every member but I got a post card and three members stickers (LEO MY PRECIOUS BABY) Picture 6: Photo card, I got Ken's (*sobs*) I was again hoping for Leo's but I guess the odds weren't in my favor.... No Leo... :( and idk what that other card is but.... it's cool Picture 7: Tattoo, I got a tattoo yo and picture 8: Poster. I THOUGHT THEY MEANT A MINI POSTER BUT NOOOO I GOT THIS HUGE THING AND I'M PRETTY HAPPY ABOUT THAT ACTUALLY CAUSE LEO LOOKS FINE AF So that's what I got guys:) I hope you enjoyed!
that is awesome!!!!
I so envy you.... I am happy for you tho. I can't wait to get myself it as well. Omo... my bias... Leo oppa.....
@VeronicaArtino Thank you sis:)
Lil sis @JiyongLeo I am jealous and so happy for you. I love leo as well...
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