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HEY GUYS! Pleeeeeease don't kill me! I know it's been a while! But I mean blame the holidays and school. I'm reaaaaaaaly sorry if this is weird and awkward? 聽But hey its something to keep your ARMY minds alive lol [Previously] "I can't believe this!" He dropped down to his knees in front of your stomach. "Hey little one I'm your daddy..." [Now] It had been five months since you found out you were pregnant. You had now formed the habit of rubbing your swollen belly unconsciously, which you were currently doing. The day, matter of fact, months had been quiet without Namjoon around. He was so busy preparing for BTS's album release. When he was around, it was late at night when you were in your distant dream land. You would only be awaken by the feeling of loneliness. You wanted to tell him but you felt that would just be more weight on his shoulders. At that thought you heard the jingle of keys at your door. 'Joonie!' You internally screamed. 'But wait..' You looked at the clock. 'It,'s still early...' With that thought, you grabbed a bat that Namjoon referred to as "the special security system." You crept towards the door, ready to crack the intruders skull open. The door creaked open as you were about to swing. "WAIT! WAIT! I'M YOUR HOPE!" A terified J-hope yelled. You stopped just in time. "Hobi? What are you doing here?" You watched as Hobi have a relieved sigh and looked at you. "Namjoonie forgot some music." He gave a small then looked down at your stomach in surprise. "Yah!!! (Y/n)ie! You're so big now!" He exclaimed as he sprinted to your growing stomach placing his hands on it.聽 Your just gave him a smile and laughed. 聽Hobi was like your older brother in BTS. When you told the boys of your pregnancy, he was the first to give you a hug. Hell he was happier than you and Namjoon combined.聽 He stood back up and pinched your cheek moving it around. "Hobi oppa!" You called out of 聽embarrassment. "What I missed my (Y/n)ie. I haven't seen you with promotions and all." He gave a small smile before he remembered what he came for. He went to Namjoon's home studio where thever owner would spend his whole night writing lyrics.聽 You used to love watching Namjoon being home. You missed the way his face would light up when he thought of lyrics. You missed the way his mouth constantly go over them again and again. You missed the way he would call you at work just to hear what you thought of them. You missed him all together. Deep in your thoughts, your face grew grim and Hoseok walked to you just in time to see it.聽 "(Y/n)? What's wrong?" He had pulled you into a hug in efforts to comfort you. "It's nothing Hobi. It's just..." you trailed off. "It's just I miss him Hoseok..." you gave a long sigh.聽 "I know (y/n) but I know for a fact that he misses you too." You looked up at him with a sense of hope in your eyes. "Really?" He brushed a piece of hair out of your face. "Really." He gave you a small peck on your forehead. "He talks about you all the time when we take breaks. He talks about the future with you and how excited he is." He beamed his signature Hobi smile a causing you to do the same. "Suga always tells him to shut up though." You both started laughing at Suga's bluntness. "Thank you Hobi. I feel better." You chuckled a little. "I'm happy. But if Namjoonie ever makes you feel this way again, I will have to take personal measures." He said with a wink and began to leave.聽 All you could do was watch him leave waving goodbye.聽 Personal measures? *2 months later* "NAMJOON! NAMJOON! (Y/N)S IN LABOR!" "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" "YES HURRY!" "I'M ON MY WAY!" Hoseok hung up the phone as he smirked pleasingly. "What's with the smirk Hobi?" You had just come from kitchen getting him the water he just 'needed'. "No reason. Just your husband's coming home a little early." He said in a sly voice."Are you serious!?" You looked at Hoseok as joy was written all over your face. "Yup." He smiled.聽 At that moment the door was being banged on as if in a panic. Little did you know the person on the other side WAS in a panic. You opened the door."JHOPE HYUNG WHERE IS SH- " There were your husband's eyes looking back at you. It looked like he was crying."(Y/n)! A-are you okay!?" He grabbed your shoulders and checked you over asking if you were in pain."W-what are you talking about? I'm fine." You looked at him confused.You both heard the sound of whistling and turned to see Hobi walking towards the back door."Hyung!"Jhope dashed out of the door trying to escape your husband. You burst out of laughter at the sight. You looked down as you felt a kick.聽 "Hey baby boy. This is your crazy family." You placed your hands on your stomach and sighed out of pure joy thinking of your little boy in just a few months.
I tried to lighten it up some cause its been one heck of a feels ride. tagging my SugaKookies below. Again sorry it took so long.
Please don't hurt me...
@DestinaByrd -girl group dances like Jungkook-
-dancing as fab as suga -
@DestinaByrd YEEEEEES 馃槀馃槀
@DestinaByrd OMG you so sweet dude and same
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