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Ryan Gosling got Booed?
During a press screening for his upcoming film Only God Forgives at the Cannes Film Festival, reviewers reportedly lambasted the movie and booed throughout Gosling's performance. Audience members credit the gratuitous violence and disturbing dialogue for the film's negative feedback. Gosling apparently doesn't do much talking in the bloody drama either, but it seems like even the hunky actor couldn’t save God Forgives from getting jeered by critics. Gosling teamed up once again with director Nicolas Winding Refn for the upcoming flick. Refn originally won Best Director at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival for his work on Drive. cr:e!
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@YinofYang Yes, exactly.. it's sad.. Ryan invested a lot for this movie.. :( or maybe they wanted him to talk more? or see more of him? that's why the movie got booed? they just didn't get enough Ryan? lol
@blairwitme @shoenami @matineeidle @kristenadams Exactly! I think that when you're a rising or established star, that it takes guts to take on the roles that other actors and actresses won't take.