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Gwyneth's new campaign for Hugo Boss' latest scent, Boss Jour Pour Femm raked in a cool $2 million for the campaign, a source tells E! News. In the newest fragrance ad, the actress is shown relaxing in white blouse and black slacks in front of a country side.
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@shoenami @blairwitme Yes, I think you're probably right about that. It would give it great publicity. Also, that photo has been majorly retouched.
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@YinofYang we really have some Gwyneth hating lol.. but yes again, she's pretty but the the prettiest!!
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@shoenami Ahahahahaha! If @Saravy were here, she'd be hating too. She can't stand Gwyneth.
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@YinofYang ohh yes! @Saravy we miss you around here! I don't even get how she and Chris Martin clicked..? I love Coldplay!
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@shoenami That's a good question. I don't know either.
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