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"Taehyung," you whine, "Give it back!" He had snatched the math homework you were working on, which was due by tomorrow.
"You don't need this," he says as he holds the paper over his head.
"Yeah, I do," you say as you sit up on your bed and try to grab it. "Taehyung," you whine again. He holds it further up, making it impossible for you to reach. You give up and slump back down on the bed. "You win," you pout as you cross your arms over your chest.
Taehyung smiles and brings the paper down an examines it. He looks at you, "What kind of foreign language is this?" He asks as he shows the paper to you, a confused look spread across his face.
"Algebra," you say as you quickly snatched the paper from him. "Algebra that needs to get done."
"Jagi," he complains, "Can't it wait?"
"No," you say in a stern voice. "I have to get this done." You say as you place the sheet of paper on your notebook. Taehyung begins to watch you, amazed by how fast you are working. "How do you do those so fast?"
"I just do them," you answer, not looking up at him. Your brain was in complete focus mode. You didn't want to break your concentration.
Then you felt Taehyung's arm wrap around your shoulder. "You're so smart," he says, glancing back at your math paper. You feel your cheeks become hot. You always did that when Taehyung compliments you. You shake your head and try to erase his compliment. You don't want to get distracted. You try to focus on your work, but then he starts rubbing your back. "Come on, Jagi. Can't you finish it later?" He whispers in your ear before attacking your neck with his lips.
You let out a small giggle as pushes you on your side. "Taehyung," you squeal. He starts attacking your cheeks with small pecks. You giggle louder, "Taehyung!"
His lips start kissing your forehead an land on your nose.
You look up at him. Any thought about math is far from your mind. All you can about is Taehyung.
"So," he says, planting another kiss on your nose. "Can math wait?"
You look out the corner of your eye and find the sheet of paper. You needed to finish it. You almost say no, but then you look up at Tae and see he big brown eyes pleading for you to say yes.
"It can wait," you say, unable to say no to him. You lean up and plant a kiss on his sweet lips. He smiles in the kiss and lays down next to you, pulling you close to his chest as your math assignment fall from the bed and onto the floor.
Oh so cute
ahhhh how cute!!!
awwwwww ❤
saranghae taehyung forever!
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