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Sometimes or rather a lot of times it's hard for me to sleep or concentrate on what I'm doing. Why? Because my mind is full of clatter, things that I have been letting myself get to me. Just like everyone on this planet, I also have things that I have to worry about. Life isn't perfect, it's not all happy and colorful. But that's what makes life wonderful, being able to experience the unpleasantness of it. Because going through that, makes appreciate the pleasant aspects of life. And helps to be mindful and grateful for everything. Whenever I get on that "mind full" moments, I ask myself this "is worrying about it would make it better? " It's like a light switch in my head, because I knew within myself the answer to my question. What do you guys do whenever you the "mind full" moments?
What a cool image and writing @1FallenAngel! I'm working on being more mindful in my life. it seems it makes me SO much happier. You can love work and being productive without neglecting your happiness and I love that!
That is so true @nicolejb ! A lot of times I have to stop and think if it's worth the stress and worry, then I let it go and offer it to the higher source. And thank you, I'm glad you liked it! \(^0^)//