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Lazy Days with BTS
V: You wouldn't be allowed to do anything!! "Jagi what are you doing?" "....Doing my nails?" "NOT ANYMORE!!"
Jimin: Is lazy plausible for him? Pillow fight to the death!!! Jk nah he'd let you win^-^ He's sweet
JHope: Lazy days? Ha no. Dance battles, dancing on the couch, on the tables, dancing everywhere! But overall you'd just be so caught up in his sunshine you wouldn't mind
Jin: Snacks and Mario Kart... Not too bad!!
Jungkook: You wake up in the morning and find he is no where to be found beside you. instead there is a water gun and a note strapped to it. "Dear Jagi, I left a watergun in the bed beside you, I am somewhere in the house hiding. Loser buys breakfast...HA!" (please be prepared to lose...Kookie is a bit competitive)
Namjoon: listening to music and having deep conversations, reminding you of why exactly you love him so much
Suga: "Tf is a lazy day? oh you mean a sleep day. Sure come here and snuggle me or else..."
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I wish that was me hugging Rap Mon ♡♡♡♡♡
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I wanna have a water gun fight with Jungkook! He better watch out, I'm competitive too! 😈
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