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Hello! I'm an artist going into the 9th grade. I really want to go, but it is super pricey. I'm having a campaign to raise $61300 to get into this wonderful opportunity. (Interlochen is based in Traverse City, Michigan. It is a fine arts highschool.) Every $10+ you donate I will draw an original piece of artwork for you! Please spread the word!! Every penny means a lot to me!!!
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ikr! I want to go soooo bad @carmaa10
2 years ago·Reply
I wanna go there too!!
2 years ago·Reply
i wish i had a mill to take all of this my man!
2 years ago·Reply
ikr!!!!!! it's a really cool place!! @nadams1398
2 years ago·Reply
Aw thanks! ^_^ @TylerLarson
2 years ago·Reply