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I just realized that I had yet to make a card of something by my favorite poet and story teller! Edgar Allen Poe was inarguably brilliant. His forsight, wisdom, rebellion, and general understanding of the world is so profoundly evident in his writing, but one thing that I think many people forget is that Poe's heart beat just like the rest of ours, if not much stronger. The darkness and the morbidness that is present in the majority of his works is not absent in this poem about the "beautiful Annabel Lee", but it is clear that despite the image surrounding Poe, he loved deeply and was loved deeply.
This poem is beautiful and painful. It reminds me a song by Jimmy Eat World that says "A song for a heart so big that God coudn't let it live." Poe talks about how the gods and the angels were envious of his love for Annabel, just as Jimmy Eat World talks about God taking a life because it was too beautiful. I have been through a lot of loss for someone who is still in high school, but poems like this help me know that I am not alone, and that those I have lost are always with me.
Lovely. He is my favorite author too ^_^
@nicolejb i think it is definately a mythical allusion, but i also have no idea. Poe was just too brilliantly profound for me to fathom. Have you read about his predictions or his scientific hypothesis that were way ahead of his time? http://historybuff.com/edgar-allan-poe-had-a-time-machine-and-i-can-prove-it-K0GoDJzODRy6 I know that it is insane to believe he had a time machine, but the stories in that article are actually bizzare.
I wonder if some of the influence on this is from Greek mythology? you know how the gods used to get upset about mortals that were strong or gorgeous. Anyway, what a beautiful and weird and awesome way to put love. thank you for sharing this.