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You and Jungkook both walk back towards the table and sit down on his lap. You felt a rush coming onto your cheeks. You look up and see the boys smiling as they try not to laugh. You look around the room to find out what are they looking at but you don't see it. Until you realize, Where is Taehyung?
"BOO!" He yelled as he stabs you with his fingers. You flinch and scream as you turn to your left to see him smiling widely and laughing so hard to the point he was crying.
You laugh as you bury your face into your hands and Jungkook holds onto you. You look up and see everyone staring at you. You felt yourself blush as Jungkook kisses the center of your back.
You get up as you let go of Jungkook's hand and sit on the couch. You look at the flat screen that was on your right, To see that the Lion King was playing. It was the scene where Mufasa was hanging on the cliff and was trying to live until Scar comes and throws him off the cliff and he dies. You start to tear up when Simba tells his dad to get up or to wake up because they had to go home. You hear fake sobbing tears from someone, You turned around and see Hoseok and Jimin hugging each other as they pretend to cry. You ignore them as a tear fell down your cheek. You felt a hand touched you, You look and see Jungkook looking down at you with a smile as he sings beautifully,
"Baby Don't Cry, Tonight. Eodumi geochigo namyeon.."
Soon all the guys started harmonizing together, Surrounding you in a circle as sang,
"Baby don鈥檛 cry tonight eobseotdeon iri doel geoya"
You smiled as Jungkook wipes away the tears from your cheek. He kisses your hand like a princess as his eyes were closed shut. You smile as he sits next to you and starts to cuddle. You blush hardly as you push him away but he doesn't let go of you. You heard mumbling from across the room as your name was mentioned, You turn around with squinted eyes,
" Talking about me?"
" Oh No!!! Well yeah...But they're good things like you and Jungkook are so cute together." Taehyung squeled. You see Yoongi push his shoulder as he has that " Eww what the hell?" expression on his face. You giggle to yourself as you continue to watch the movie.
I snuggle my nose into her shoulder as she pets my head like a puppy. I kiss her shoulder and get up to go the bathroom. As I look at the mirror, I think to myself, "Damn, I'm sexy."
I giggle as I use the restroom. I wash my hands then fix my hair. Before I exit the room, I make sure I look good. I open the door bravely as I sassily walk towards her as she laughs at me. I kiss her forehead and walk outside. I stand there as I felt the sun beaming onto my skin. I heard someone opened the door. I turn around and see Namjoon.
"Hey Hyung..."
"Hey Kookie. Your girlfriend seems nice and fair." He compliments.
I chuckle to myself as I say, "Yeah she is. She's an amazing person."
"Yeah She is. She's amazing to all of us, Especially Taehyung." He says.
I look at him with confusion as I ask him, " What about him?" " He find's (Y/N) really pretty and funny. But don't worry he's not gonna mess with her." "Yeah, He better not or else I will go to jail..." I threatened. Namjoon laughs as he pats my back. I smile crookedly as he goes back inside. I hear everyone laughing as I look across the street. I see a elderly couple holidng hands. I thought to myself, "I want to have a relationship like that." I hear the door creak open to see Jin smiling as he offers some ice cream and of course, I said no. "Aisshhh, Stop worying about your weight! Your a male, Most boys don't gain weight easier like girls do." I give him an unfimilar smirk,"I said no thanks Hyung. Just give them to (Y/N)." "She didn't want any. She said she's trying to loose weight." I looked at Jin like I never have before, (Y/N), Trying to loose weight?! But she's beautiful the way she is. I excuse Jin out of the way and find her on her phone. I snatch her phone away and look at her with a motionless face. "Your trying to loose weight?! Why??" "Because Oppa...I'm fat and I need some excercise." She told me as her face looked stunned. "Your perfect just the way you are, You don't to loose weight. Are you trying to impress someone?" "Yeah You." She told me as her voice lowers. "You don't need to impress me, You already have and you always will." "Oppa, Describe a hot girl." She demands me as she stands right in front of my face, Which I liked. "Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Huge breasts, A big butt..." I was interupted by her sadden voice, " I guess I'm not a hot girl..." I grabbed both of her hands as I look into her twinkling eyes, " You never said to describe the perfect girl..." She stutters, "Th..Then...Describe the perfect girl..." "You..." I said loudly. Everyone turns around as I kiss her blushing warm cheek. I hear everyone squel in cuteness loudly, "Awwww Kookie!!!" (Y/N) and I turn around as we still hold each others hands. We both see all the guys making hearts, Making kissing faces, Doing winky faces etc, I chuckle quietly as (Y/N) blushes. *SKIP TO SCHOOL* (Because it will get boring) *HER PERSPECTIVE* You had already gotten up and got dressed. You wore black ankle high converse, a yellow sweater and black jeans with a black backpack. You heard a car beep outside as you open the front door. You run towards a black car to see Jungkook sitting in the back as what looks like his older brother in the passenger seat. He gets out of the car and opens the door for you, "My Queen..." He whispers. You blush as you get into the car. He shuts the door as you put on your seatbelt. He gets into the car and sits next to you, Making your legs touch each other. You blush really hard as you greet his mother,
"Hello Mrs. Jeon, How was your morning?"
She smiles as she greets back, "Hello (Y/N), My morning was alright and how about your's sweetie?" You smile as you look out the window when she pulls out of the driveway, "My was fine."
Jungkook gives you a big thumbs up, Giving you the impression that you were sweet to his mother.
You all finally arrived at Bangtan School. You and Jungkook get out of the car as his mother waves goodbye. You see that his brother head justs lays low, Avoiding eye contact and your presence. You grin lightly as you walk besides Jungkook.
I was heading to towards math class until I see (Y/N) standing across the hall since we both have different math teachers. I gave her a flirty wink as she winks back.I blush as I walk into class.
I was sitting there doing my work idependently until I heard someone whispered my name, "Jungkook...."
I turn my head and see Jimin passing a note to me, It read, "Would you ever get in trouble just to see (Y/N)?"
I wrote an answer on the paper and handed it back to him without the teacher noticing me and my slick moves...
I see him looking down, Then looking back up at me with popping eyes as his jaw drops to the floor, He whispers to me quietly, "You would?"
I nod yes as I smile like an idiot because I was thinking about her.
"Then do it!" He says as he sits up.
I didn't know what to do until it hit me! I stopped doing my work and started to socialize with only my friends because I'm too shy to speak to my other peers.
I had heard someone tell a funny joke and of course I laughed loudly for the teacher to hear me, I hear her say, "Jungkook, Go across the hall to Mr. Collins' room now!"
I laugh with people as I exit the room. I walk towards the door and before I open it, I think about the consquences and the punishments I may receive at home.
I open the door slowly as everyone's eyes look directly at me, Except her eyes stood out the most out of all.
Mr. Collins eyes had met mine as he points to the desk that was right behind her. I walk slowly towards the desk as I winked at (Y/N). She smiles and blushes as she looks down.
I go and sit down next to this girl who was about a lot smaller than me. She had black thick glasses, light brown eyes and fair skin. She was cute but the girl in front of me was a lot cuter. During class, I kicked her chair and she turns around, Looking directly at me with a big smile on her face.
I whisper to her, "You know, I'm only here to see you."
"That's sweet but you didn't have too.."
"Yes I did, I love you and I don't want to look at anyone else but you and only you."
She blushes as the girl next to me whispers, "Awwwwww, Your lucky to have a boyfriend like him."
She nods with a yes as she looks at me, "I know."
*After School* *HER PERSPECTIVE*
You walked with Jungkook to his house and had texted your mom," Can I stay over Jungkook's house for the night?"
She replies, "NO! I don't want to be a grandma yet."
You grunt loudly and see him looking at your phone, "Something wrong cutie?"
"Yeah, My mom won't let me stay over." You frowned.
He grabs your phone and sends your mom a text. Your eyes widened as you take the phone back, "What did you send her?"
All of the sudden, You heard a ding. You look down to see, "Of course sweetie, Just wake up early and eat some breakfast okay?"
You typed a K as you look at Jungkook, "What did you tell her?"
He smirks cutely," I asked her if you could stay over at your friends house and she became happy."
You frown as you look into his eyes, "But you know I don't have any friends, Just bullies."
His fingers lace together with yours as he kisses your cheek, He says, "I'm your best friend and your loving boyfriend, I'll always be your friend no matter what, I love you cutie." You tell him back as you felt his thumb rub against your hand, "I love you too, Jungkook."
Awww!!!! I love how this is going and I can't wait to write part 8!!! Well I don't have too but oh well, Hope everyone enjoyed!!!
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