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Extravagant invites for Kardashian's baby shower were recently sent out, and TMZ obtained a photo of the music box invitation, in which a ballerina is spinning to a lullaby version of West's song "Hey Mama." The ballad was later dedicated to West's mother, Donda West, who died suddenly in 2007. According to Us Weekly, both Beyoncé Knowles and Fergie were among the celebrities to receive the ballerina invites. No word yet on if either A-List star will be RSVP'ing 'Yes' to the Sharon Sacks-planned party, which will be a ladies brunch at friend Shelli Azoff's house in Los Angeles. The dress is garden attire and will take place on June 2 (the same day "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" not-so-coincidentally premieres). cr:yomg
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@oj1992 lol.. no problem! I take it that you dislike Kim kardashian as well? (like the rest of the world?) lol
@shoenami when in rome do as the romans do ... : )
i've never seen such wasting people! i guess that they don't know what the word "humble" means....i'm deeply disappointed at Kanye specially. Kim was always like that...well she's been doing a reality show for 8 years but Kanye...REALLY?!
@oj1992 @shoenami you guys are funny! lol yes, everybody hates Kim
@miranpark88 very shallow indeed, showing off in steroids! Kanye has gone to the dark side, unfortunately! Remember his song "Gold digger"?