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"no stop don't say that." I said looking down "it's true it has always been true." he said grabbing my arm. I pulled away fast and screamed "stop lying! stop it!" tears started rolling down my face as if they were racing each other. "I'm not lying its the truth. Cassie I love you!" he said trying to hold my face, I stepped back hoping he won't pull me in "That's not true! You have broke me so many times and I keep going to you, again and again and again! I'm so tired of running back and forth Seth!" I screamed back at him crying even harder. "Then stop running! Leave go ahead! stop loving me!" he said "No I can't leave. you can't just tell me to stop loving you! I gave everything to you, everything Seth! I lost half my heart for you! and what did you lose? huh..? tell me!" I went on and on "I am losing the person I love more than anyone." Seth said walking towards me. "we are done Seth." I tried walking away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a hug. "I'm not letting go. I love you Cassie." I just kept crying holding in my screams. Hoping just hoping everything will fix itself at this moment. "Seth I love you too." I said hugging him back "but I don't know what I want. I want to be yours but I don't want to get lost. I hated you what you did to me after school. I hated you." I said letting go. "Seth let go before you get lost" I said looking in his hazel eyes "No Cassie, I'm not leaving you. I promised to stay and love you." he said grabbing my face "promises get broken." I said getting closer "Cassie please don't leave, you are all I need in my life." he said he leaned in to kiss me I moved and kissed his cheek. "Seth...you'll find someone better." I said about to run away. I see tears going down his face slowly he wipes them away quickly "can't we..can't we figure this out...I..I don't want to lose you" he said crying more "Seth I did try, we'll be okay. I'm sure we'll be okay." I said crying a little. He went in closer and kisses me, this kiss felt different. It wasn't the normal kisses we have it felt more like a goodbye kiss, it hurt. My crying got harder and my tears started going down faster, this is it. This is the end, we are done for good. "I love you Seth." I said "I love you more" he said giving me a sad smile "not possible." I said "totally freaking possible." he said as he kisses my forehead "goodbye Cassie" he cried "goodbye Seth" I cried and ran away fast. I'm such a moron, I lost him. I left him, he was all I had and I lost him. No, no, no stop Cassie stop! I kept thinking this isn't happening this isn't happening! I kept running until I bumped into someone "woah are you okay?" the strange person held out their arm helping me up "I'm fine" I looked up and it's a guy "hey are you okay?" he asked looking at me closely "yeah I'm fine." I said trying to run away "I'm Zach." he held out his hand "I'm Cassie."
Awe yay!! I'm happy that made your day @daniella654 :) it was happy at the end though, i like that!
@nicolejb you made my day omg thank you!! I don't think I'm that good
@nicolejb yes I wrote this!
Did you write this?! it's awesome