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So According to this quiz i belong in the 90's Which i wouldnt lie i have a thing for the 90's and with its Skater Skirts , chokers, and platform heels. xD especially the choker i cant even leave my house without mines xD i was suppose to do recommendations from that generation but i dont know any because i was born 99' so im kinda a bit lost but tag me in yours c: LE TAGS THE THUNDER SQUAD @elleholley @jessicaacosta90 @eliseb @khrystinalee @ashleyemmert OTHERS: @tinathellama @isolate @prettieeemm @jiyongxoxo @jiyongileo @kpopandkimchi @kpopthedeluxegirl @johnevans
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I got late 2000s, even though I was born in 1998.
I got late 2000s but I was born in the 80s. 😁
I got late 2000's
@Jiyongixoxo i was gonna message you but because my phone broke I can't get into kakao