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You guys...this picture is so accurate 馃槀 so many bias wreckers...right now my major bias wrecker is Jin from BTS. He is causing all the problems. Who is tearing up your bias list? Tagging my usual people! @adetoro, @AnnahiZaragoza @ArielaPicazo, @BulletproofV, @catchyacrayon, @ChaErica @CreeTheOtaku, @helixx, @IMNII, @jannah341, @jenxchan, @jinsprincess86, @krin, @KAddict, @katcollins02, @kimberlyr, @kpopbtslife, @megancurrent9, @MichelleIbarra, @LateashaChantae @luna1171, @MadAndrea, @PandaSoapy, @ParkHaru, @parktaemi, @stacyneroland, @SassyMaknae, @SugaOnTop, and @VixenViVi
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Pretty much all of Big bang, BTS, and BAP are the reasons why I dont even bother with a bias list. XD
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@drummergirl691 hahaha I love that you don't even try.
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@Helixx jimin doesn't play around with that
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@Ercurrent There are days where I think I got it down, but most days I'm just like "F#!@ it!" lol
2 years agoReply
Freaking JB and Taemin
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