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The icon of first love of all Koreans, Miss A’s Suzy, challenged herself to talk with cute gestures. In the episode of KBS 2’s Invincible Youth 2 that aired on May 26, the star talked about her latest issue. She dropped her head as she answered, “No, I don’t,” to the question, “You don’t seem to know much about using cute gestures, do you?” On seeing this, 4Minute’s Hyun Ah, Jewelry’s Ye Won, and SNSD’s Sunny came together, demonstrated, and helped her to become full of cute charms. Hesitantly, Suzy managed to speak out, “I miss you, honey~” Embarrassed, she frowned then smiled after saying the sentence. She broke out laughing when people began to give her compliments shouting, “Success!” Moreover, Park Sang Min who also made a special appearance did a simple skit with Suzy in which they are lovers and talking on the phone. Park stood up for Suzy whenever she answered reluctantly, saying, “If you say something more than that, it’s not ‘acting cute,’ but more about ‘buttering up. She certainly does know how to appeal with her cute charm.” Park’s appearance attracted eye as well as when 4Minute’s Hyun Ah who was the main cast of the first season appeared with another member of the group, Kwon So Hyun. Source: STARNEWS
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