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I don't know if you guys have heard of this movie but I'm silently weeping here because IT'S GONNA BE OUT NEXT WEEK! Horror Story 2 is about two friends being lost in the wilderness near a cliff and how the situation leads to eventual betrayal (soompi). Now to the awesome cast (and the main reason I'm weeping), Lee Soo Hyuk and Sung Joon are gonna paired up to deliver this horror and eerie story! Both are model-turned-actors and have been recognized for their acting in several dramas. And if you can't tell, Sung Joon is playing Gon (Suzy's body guard) in Gu Book! Seems like a lot of models venture into acting recently. This just makes my obsession towards kdrama so much worse (though I absolutely have no complaint :D)
@winterlovesong Ahh maybe... but I'm just always happy to see the White Christmas cast together. It's amazing how well they all do together.
@SabeenM me too! But since they are gonna betray each other it will be kinda of heart-breaking to see :(
I cannot wait to see this... love them both
Yay! I can't wait to see this. Soo Hyuk looks really scary haha.