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So you guys have seen my posts about my lovely cohort Twitter history and how I'm basically squad since Keith , Jay and Bae-free have tweeted me etc. well Jay has really out done himself this earning him the number one spot on my cohort list right besides B. I've always loved Jay but do you know what he did????? Well if some of you don't know he came out with these amazing hats(the one you see above) and of course when they first came out I was broke so I couldn't buy them and they sold out ....well fast foward a week or two later and Jay tweeted that he had 10 left and of course lucky me I'm broke again but since Jay is squad I messaged him on Instagram and explained to him that I don't get paid till next week and that I would love him for life if he saved one for me and guess what......

Jay is saving me one!!!!

He legit said and i quote "Don't worry I'll definitely save one for you" I've always clicked with Jay and he's been one of my faves since the beginning since he's one of the realest people ever and he genuinely doesn't give two sh*ts about what anyone thinks and I love that about him and on top of that on Twitter he's amazing and always likes, retweets or replys to my stuff so of course he's forever bae but now he's earned a permanent spot and I will be able to get my Jayallday hat and i will never take it off because Jay is the greatest human on the planet
@CreeTheOtaku isn't he!!! I love him!! He's soo down to earth and ughhh he's just amazing
that man is a blessed angel in disguise
@Ercurrent he's a sweetheart!!!! And I seriously love the cohorts
This is literally my favorite story. I absolutely love everything about this!!
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