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Day 12 Why hasn't X happened yet?
what happened to the movie with fantastic four and avengers? I thought they were teaming up in a movie. I would love to see a movie like that but not with current cast of Fantastic Four. @AnnaArai @MsLoyalHeart @ARMYStarlight @MichelleIbarra @KwonofAKind @lilbrowneyes @BelencitaGarcia @JustinaNguyen @terenailyn @Helixx @thepinkprincess @JamiMilsap @Simba14 @sherrysahar @merryjayne13 @MichaelOgg @lovetopia @LAVONYORK @cardboardart @Shannonl5 @culversyanne @LadyLuna @peahyr @JimTurpen @Bulletproofv @VeronicaArtino @lovetopia
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They can't team up because the film rights to the FF are owned by another company. Marvel almost went bankrupt in the 90s and had to sell the rights to a lot of their characters. It's why the X-Men never interact with the Avengers and why Pietro and Wanda weren't mutants in Age of Ultron
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@shannonl5 Oh! I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know. 😊
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