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Thanks ahead of time!
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It does! Thanks!
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The card on Vingle are a nice flash card style. I use Rosetta Stone too tho I know it can be pricey. I've yet to find an online course that seems to be worth it (unless it's expensive too) but I keep trying. Side note: I'm stealing this Eevee picture
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The first resource I used is the phone app called Tae Kims guide to learning Japanese. Its very helpful! Also memrise is a very good app. I suggest you find a Japanese college textbook and learn from that too. its best to learn hiragana and katakana, and the Japanese basics first. Do your best! がんばって!
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Possibly lingual lift a link to it is on Joey a.k.a the animeman's YouTube channel
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Japanese for dummies that's what I use its helping me alot
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